Welcome to My Blog

Alright, so I decided to create a blogsite (mainly for book reviews) because of this unexpected inspiration I got from a character I have recently met in a book. Thanks to Katy Swartz, the heroine of the “LUX SERIES” by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Because of her, an idea to make a book blog suddenly came through. Well, I’m not good with this, but I find doing this quite interesting since I’m a BIG, BIG fan of books (since I was in Grade 5) so– so! I can’t wait to finally write and post my first review for this official site. Ah, I feel giddy and excited!

So, to start off, my name’s Pearl. I decided to call this site “Bibliopearl” instead of the word bibliophile, an epic attempt to make it sound cool (lol). Anyway, I’m big on different genres. But most of the time though, I find paranormal / supernatural fiction, YA (Young Adult) fiction, and historical romance fascinating. There’s something about these stories that make me feel drawn.

I’m also a huge fan of Judith McNaught, the legendary historical novelist whom I developed a love-hate relationship throughout the years. And yes, I am a Nicholas Sparks kind of person. You familiar with him? The person who loves sad endings most of the time. I hate sad endings, but why do I cling to them at the same time? Lol. Well, that’s the beauty of these wonderful authors. I admire them big time!

Currently I’m reading the 4th book of Lux Series, the “Origin” and hopefully I’ll get to write a review of this once I’m done with the reading. Meanwhile, I guess I should start reviewing those books I had previously read. 🙂



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