Review: Letters to Emily by Stacy Reid

Letters to EmilyLetters to Emily
Author: Stacy Reid
Publisher: Loose Id
Publication: December 9, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance, Romance, Erotica
My Rating:


Two years have passed since Lady Emily’s beloved Maxwell went to fight in the war. With only letters and one hot night of loving to keep her warm on the coldest of nights, she tries to embrace the future after learning of his death at the Third battle of Picardy. One way to forge forward is to marry his twin brother, Marcellus Alexander Wynwood, The Marquis of Blackthorn, a man she does not love, but one who rouses dark needs in her.

Marcellus wanted Emily from the first moment he saw her two years ago, but had watched from a distance as his brother Max charmed her into falling hopelessly in love with him. In her state of grief over Max, Marcellus ensures her needs are met, breaking down her barriers, tormenting her with wicked erotic loving as he slowly binds her to him.

Despite this, he fears he will lose her once it is revealed that her beloved Maxwell lives. Marcellus prays Emily can surrender to his needs and soul deep desires.


“Dearest Emily,

The only person I love as much as you is Marcellus. Do not let his cold, gruff exterior fool you, my darling. He needs your warmth and gentleness to rescue him as you did me.”

Thanks again, Ms. Stacy Reid for providing me a digital copy of this book. 🙂

Whoa. How can I say this? This novella is one helluvah hot and sexy read. *gasp* I very much had a great time reading this because who doesn’t want some quick and easy read?

Letters to Emily is a story of a woman who had serious and deep intimate feelings for twin brothers. Sounds like a love triangle? Yes, that’s exactly the mainstream of this novella. The only thing that makes it quite different is that both males basically cared and cherished her in an extraordinary way, to the point that they were willing to live with her for the rest of their lives, sharing her love without any demands other than being with her.

I applaud Ms. Stacy Reid for how she was able to elaborate and describe this challenging erotic tale. Though I admit some parts were quite disturbing (which was explained right at the very first page of the novel), the author’s writing style made every sexy scene sounds mild and just totally manageable.

This novella, however, is not entirely just about erotic sex. There’s more to it than that and it’s the undeniable feelings the three of them have for each other. This novella also conveys the importance of trust and total commitment in a relationship that involves three people.

As a whole, Letters to Emily is a very well done novella. I love the characters and the overall storyline. It’s an easy read and it’s an emotionally driven and amazing tale. 🙂

Rating: 5 Stars


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