Review: Erotic Passages by Felicity Johns

Author: Felicity Johns
Publisher: Felicity Johns
Publication: February 11, 2015
Genre: Erotica, Poetry
My Rating:


Roam the passages of dark and erotic fiction and poetry with this first anthology by author Felicity Johns. Divided into three separate parts for easy browsing, Erotic Passages explores the darkest hungers with a variety of poetry, short fiction and flash fiction, as well as an ongoing journal of the tumultuous love affair between two star-crossed, long-distance lovers. We take a look into the emotions and eroticism of the taboo, as well as the romance of lyrical poetry. But the thread that ties it all together is the deepest of human emotions of love, devotion, trust and intimacy.

Erotic Passages is only for mature audiences, as it contains graphic portrayals of the sexual act.


ARC was generously provided to me by the author Felicity Johns in exchange for an honest review. (*This does not influence my rating and review*)

So this book, according to its synopsis, is only for mature audiences, as it contains graphic portrayals of the sexual act.

Reading this reminded me of Lang Leav’s Love & Misadventure. Why? Because the first few parts of this book are poetry works. But of course it’s an entirely different thing because it’s an erotic genre so this means it contains mature and sensual poetic lines. I actually love how the author was able to come up with a unique, delicious concept. It makes me admire her creativity. I have never read poetry that strongly expresses intimacy and passion.

But then I have a difficulty with the rest of the book. The second part consists of short erotic stories which I found a bit lacking. I find it hard to connect with the stories no matter how short they are. There was no magic in it.

The third part which has the longer stories was also less appealing. This book is promising and it was supposed to entertain but sad to say, I think it was not for me. I’m rating it 3 out of 5 stars nevertheless, because the first part is really admirable and worthy to be praised. If the book was entirely poetry, it might have made me completely enthralled.

Rating: 3 Stars


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