Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)Daughter of Smoke and Bone
(Daughter of Smoke & Bone #1)
Author: Laini Taylor
Publisher: Hodder Paperback
Published: August 5, 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
My Rating:


Errand requiring immediate attention. Come.

The note was on vellum, pierced by the talons of the almost-crow that delivered it. Karou read the message. ‘He never says please’, she sighed, but she gathered up her things.
When Brimstone called, she always came.”

In general, Karou has managed to keep her two lives in balance. On the one hand, she’s a seventeen-year-old art student in Prague; on the other, errand-girl to a monstrous creature who is the closest thing she has to family. Raised half in our world, half in ‘Elsewhere’, she has never understood Brimstone’s dark work – buying teeth from hunters and murderers – nor how she came into his keeping. She is a secret even to herself, plagued by the sensation that she isn’t whole.

Now the doors to Elsewhere are closing, and Karou must choose between the safety of her human life and the dangers of a war-ravaged world that may hold the answers she has always sought.



“Do monsters make war? Or does war make monsters?”

Took me some time to finally make a review because quite honestly, I wasn’t able to come up with some coherent thoughts after reading this book last night. It was so damn good it left me totally speechless– in a very good way!

Picking this up was sort of a gamble for me, because despite the positive reviews and the hype, I mostly tend to dislike a book. But this– This book just made me look like this:


It’s totally EXCELLENT, EPIC, PERFECT! No words. Certainly one of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read so far!

Now let’s talk about why this book instantly became an easyfavorite.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone has the following:

Brilliant concept
Amazing writing style
Excellent imagination from the author
Hands down creativity
Intriguing characters
Fast pacing
Entertaining, page-turning plot

The concept of this book is indeed brilliant– And it’s quite unique. I have read a couple of books that talk about angels and most of them really impressed me. But this book– it does not only impress me. It surprises me all the way.

“Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.”

Never have I read something that talks about angels and devilschimaera. What was thaaaat again? Chimaera. I had to google the term myself because I needed a better perspective about those creatures lurking around this book. I was totally fascinated! Chimaeras and angels in a book? Whoa! That is something I’ve never encountered before. Thank you, Laini Taylor for introducing this to me! God bless you and your imagination!

What also made me fascinated with the book is of course, the amazing world-building. The settings are a jaw-dropper. If you think this book has only one setting, you’ve got it all wrong. It has otherworldly places that will put you in a full-on surprise and amazement.

When it comes to the author’s writing style… well, you can never go wrong in Laini Taylor. She really knows how to lure her audience and bring them to her majestic world. And not only that. She also incorporates humor in her lines. I really enjoy it every time I’m in Karou’s head. She has entertaining thoughts she had me laughing at times.

And speaking of Karou, this book also has intriguing characters. I like Karou best of all. She’s not at all annoying (This trait is becoming a constant issue, eh? Lol). I simply like her! She’s a combination of badass and sweet and funny.

I also love Akiva. Can I pause for a while and sighhhh? The feels! This guy is such a swoon-worthy guy. Heart heart! I also love the chimaeras Brimstone, Issa, Yasri, and Twiga. They are so adorable I just want to hug them all!

What’s even great about it is its fast pacing. There was never a dull moment here. From the very first page up to the last, I found myself really, really compelled. And oh, did I say that each chapter also has something to reveal and surprise?

The book is totally a page-turner. It kept my attention all throughout. In fact, it took me a while to finish it because I simply had to devour it word after word just so I can totally seize and enjoy the experience being in that world.

I could not thank Laini Taylor enough for bringing her awesome imagination to life through this book. It was simply a great adventure! I am certainly going to read the sequels soon!!!

(I also want to thank my dear, sweet friend AJ the Ravenous Reader for encouraging me to read this book. Love you, girl! x)

Rating: 5 (or more) Stars



8 thoughts on “Review: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

  1. A very good review. Made me decide to buy this book,“Do monsters make war? Or does war make monsters?” Monster are made by war. I have met the man-made monsters in my life. Hate, owes blood and revenge. If we live in a world. A eye for a eyes world. No-one will win.


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