Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)

Crown of Midnight
(Throne of Glass, #2)
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens
Publication: August 15, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
My Rating:

four stars


Crowned by Evil.
Bound by Duty.
Divided by Love.

Celaena Sardothien, royal assassin, is the King of Adarlan’s deadliest weapon. She must win her freedom through his enemies’ blood – but she cannot bear to kill for the crown. And every death Celaena fakes, every lie she tells, put those she loves at risk.

Torn between her two protectors – a captain and a prince – and battling a dark force far greater than the king, Celaena must decide what she will fight for: her liberty, her heart or the fate of a kingdom…

my thoughts


I was so ready to rate it 3 Stars, but the ending totally pulled the whole thing off. TOTALLY. It was so amazing and beyond perfection!

I admit the there were parts of the book that made me roll my eyes. Especially Celaena’s attitude– but damn I don’t mind that at all because I now finally understand why she has that bratty and spoiled attitude. *zips my mouth because I might spoil you*

I’ve seen such a remarkable character development in Celaena. Although she was still perfection, this time I admire her even more because she seemed to be a lot more human compared toThrone of Glass. She became tougher and yet there were times when she was not able to contain her emotions and finally broke down and wept. That alone erases some Mary-Sue-impressions.

The plot progression of this book was not perfect. There were times when it became fully messed up, but thankfully the last few chapters succeed in achieving a satisfying storyline. There were so much mysteries and so many things that needed to be answered. Gods above, the world that Sarah J. Maas created was so vast and completely overwhelming, it basically promises something beyond your imagination!


The romance was… good. Okay as much as I want to say I feel so bitter because I’m Team Dorian and my ship did sink so bad in here, I couldn’t make myself hate Chaol. I felt drawn to him in this book. He was simply irresistible and just totally swoon-worthy my heart betrayed me! At some point I found myself questioning if I still ship Dorian and Celaena but then… I STILL. And I WILL STILL GO DOWN WITH MY SHIP no matter what!

Here’s one of my favorite parts of this book. The lines taken from Celaena and Dorian’s conversation which made me sort of freak out:

Celaena: “I have nowhere else to go.”

Dorian: “Then you will always have a place in here.”


Crown of Midnight, as a whole, mesmerized me. The ending was a huge bomb and it was surreal. There was a great character development not only with Celaena but also with Chaol, Dorian, and Nehemia. And though there was predictability in some parts of the book, still, the story was exquisitely done. Sarah J. Maas, you did it again!

Rating: 4 Stars

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