Review: Violet Chain by J. Kahele

Violet Chain (Violet Chain #1)

Violet Chain
(Violet Chain #1)
Author: J. Kahele
Publisher: J. Kahele
Publication: July 18, 2015
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
My Rating:

4 stars new


Synopsis new

After catching her fiancé with another woman at their engagement party, Violet Townsend’s world is turned upside down.
Desperate to numb the pain, she falls into the arms of charming, young entrepreneur Chain Alexander.
Chain, a notorious womanizer of Philadelphia, not looking for anything more than a night of pleasure with a woman, is drawn to Violet instantly. There is something about her that he needs and wants so desperately and it’s not just sex.
But Violet is resistant. Can she open her heart again after having it broken so brutally? And more importantly, should she?

This book is intended for mature audiences only!

my thoughts new

Wow, that was hot!

Violet Chain is another New Adult book that swooned me. The story started when Violet Townsend discovered that her fiance cheated on her. After years of dating, she caught him having a sexual affair with a woman who later on claimed that she was pregnant. After their break-up, she met the hot and devilishly gorgeous businessman playboy Chain Alexander. The sexual tension instantly became apparent and they eventually hooked up. But as their sexual encounters frequented, Violet became confused whether she should trust a guy again and risk her heart or just leave everything purely sexual between her and Chain.

The thing that I actually liked about this book was the author’s writing style. J. Kahele‘s writing made it easy for me to connect with the characters and the story. The book was also a fast and easy read and one with a simple and uncomplicated plot.

As for the main characters, I really, really love Chain Alexander. He’s like a dream come true. Noted as a womanizer, he actually has a sweet soul and a tender heart– which were big points! Unfortunately, I had a difficult time liking Violet. To be honest I really don’t mind bratty characters as long as they don’t annoy me, but this woman constantly got on my nerves. I understand that she’s broken-hearted and she has trust issues but what I don’t understand is the way she was so selfish most ofall the time, incessantly using Chain as her sexual release but always leaving him hanging in the air right after the sex.

When it comes to whole story though, I find it great. I like the hook-up, friends-with-benefits concept. The sexy scenes are also extra-hot and they definitely give feels! As a whole, it was a well-done NA book. I highly recommend it to readers who fancy smexy and emotional reads! 🙂

P.S. It has a cliffhanger ending, so the second book is definitely a-must!


4 stars new

(I was a given a free copy of this book from the author J. Kahele in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Ms. J!)

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