Review: Amaranthine by Lanie Jacobs

Amaranthine (Willow Shadows #1)

(Willow Shadows #1)
Author: Lanie Jacobs
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: August 7, 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal, Mystery
My Rating:

4 stars new


Synopsis new

With Graduation only weeks away, Khalida’s normal everyday boring life is turned upside down in one day. One day is all it took to change everything she ever knew. Never knowing her past, Khalida, is thrown into a world of vampires and just not any vampires, ones who will hunt to the end to kill her. Everyone around her is in danger and she must fight to protect those she loves. Thrust into the chaos, Luke, a boy whom she could never walk completely away from, one who would give his life to protect hers. And Carey, the ex-boyfriend who will stop at nothing to make sure that the darkness that surrounds Khalida succeeds in taking everything away from her. Though, Luke, would take on the world to save her, can he help Khalida save her from herself?

my thoughts new

Amaranthine by Lanie Jacobs

“Khalida was always his heart, but based on the rippling pain that scored across his heart, she was his soul.”

Gripping, intense, and charged with a combination of action and mystery. This debut novel is wonderfully written. It’s about a girl named Khalida who didn’t know she’s a hybrid vampire until she was nearing her 18th birthday and she accidentally bit the neck of her boyfriend Luke who’s also a vampire.

This book started so strong that even if I was still at the beginning chapters I was already on the edge of my seat. It was fast-paced and every chapter brought out some surprises. The characters were also introduced in a mysterious and interesting way. What I greatly noticed about this book was the author’s writing style which was surprisingly good for a debut novel. It wasn’t Stephenie-Meyer-and-Richelle-Mead-writing-style-perfect but if this author continues to do her thing, then I guess she’s on her way to becoming one of them.

I had a bit of a hard time adjusting with Khalida’s attitude, though. I admit I was really annoyed with her most of the time because of her aggressive and careless decisions which led her and other people to trouble. Nevertheless, I was glad her character developed in the last few chapters and she came out strong in the end. Never too late for that! Luke, however, was a great character for me. I loved how he continued to protect Khalida and kept his patience under control in dealing with her attitude. Also, this guy’s a caveman! He’s very territorial with his girl, which was kind of cute. 🙂

I also enjoyed the romantic plot here. It’s quite amazing how the author didn’t exert a great effort in initiating the romance between Khalida and Luke because they’re already lovers (although on and off) so the romantic build-up was already there.

The huge plot twist was the book’s ultimate strength here.. WOW, I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING! Not at all. And that cliffy ending! Ugh. Why did it happen? Overall, this book was a great read. Definitely waiting for the sequel to come out. 🙂

(A free copy of this book was given by the author Lanie Jacobs in exchange for an honest review.)


4 stars new

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2 thoughts on “Review: Amaranthine by Lanie Jacobs

  1. This one really sounds interesting! And I always love a good plot twist. 🙂 So she is a hybrid and her boyfriend is a vampire… are regular people aware that vampires exist in this world? Might have to look into this one for the next time I’m in the mood for a vampire story.


    • It is a great vampire book, Tanya. 🙂 Same here, PLOT TWISTS are the one that completes the book. And nope, they live in a mundane community so people around them are unaware that supernatural creatures exist. 🙂 I recommend you to read this one, Tanya, when you’re in a mood for some swoony vampire reads. 🙂


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