Review: Transition by Paige Walker


Author: Paige Walker
Publisher: College Boy Publishing, LLC
Published: December 1, 2015
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
My Rating:

2 Stars smile


Synopsis new

Nichole Roberts is a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead of her. It is her eighteenth birthday, and she cannot wait to celebrate it at what will soon to be known as the party of the year. With her family and best friend by her side, everything seems perfect, that is, until that night. A romantic evening with her handsome and mysterious boyfriend turns tragic, and Nichole’s life takes a turn for the worse. Confused about what has happened to her, Nichole wakes up to find everything that she holds dear has been taken from her in a way she never knew existed. Will she ever come to terms with what she has become? Or, will she seek revenge against the one person that has wronged her.

From the book:

The sun descends and the moon rises, giving the only light that illuminates the darkness. Wind blows silently as if it is trying to tell me a secret. Our steps are quiet, we move like the wind walking along the forest floor, as we make our way to the hole I crawled out of just a few months ago.

We whip past the trees, rocks, and grass like we are floating in the air. The animals in the forest are neither seen nor heard. They are hiding, but I know they are out there. I can hear the steady pace of their hearts and the blood flowing in their veins.

We make it to our destination. No words spoken, no sentiments given. There is just quiet contemplation and preparation churning in our minds. I look at Jade and she nods. She quickly turns and climbs the tall tree, near me, looking like a spider silently climbing up a wall.

I turn my attention away from Jade. She is now invisible to me. I will neither give away nor tell her whereabouts. She is a secret, one that I will pretend not to know.

I look around through the darkness of night, taking my place, waiting for this game to begin. My stance is confident. My mind is calm. I survey my surroundings, like a predator who feels threatened, bracing for an attack. My eyes land on remnants of the trash bag that once held me inside. I laugh, Nate will have to do better this time if he wants to get rid of me.

Nate is going to come into the forest confident and cocky. He doesn’t realize that the girl he is coming to kill isn’t the same one he had attempted to kill before.

my thoughts new

A Young Adult vampire book, Transition opens up when Nichole Roberts celebrated her eighteenth birthday and was turned into a vampire when her boyfriend Nate Blackwood transitioned her. All throughout her relationship with Nate, she didn’t know that he was a vampire. Not until his bad side suddenly showed up and she realized that he’s not at all the perfect boyfriend that she thought he was. It was too late when she decided to end their relationship though, because she already became a creature of the night.

I really tried to like this book but I felt underwhelmed in most parts. The plot was a little bit cliché to me. I’ve read this kind of vampire story before so maybe that’s the reason why it felt unoriginal to me.

I believe this book will not be so bad at all if it also wasn’t because of the female lead. Nichole kind of ruined it. I was fairly unimpressed with her bratty attitude. She was unnerving, whiny, and difficult to like. The moment she said these things, I knew she and I wouldn’t get along…

“Casey and I aren’t the most popular girls in school but we are likeable and easy to get along with so that gives us a substantial amount of popularity.”


Another problem that I encountered was Nichole’s over-the-top and perfect character. Literally perfect. She grew up in a rich and loving family, has a tall frame and beautiful face, has a boyfriend who’s also tall, good-looking, and wealthy (he even gave her a jewelry with real diamonds in them on her birthday), and even her boyfriend’s friends are perfect. She has many admirers and everybody in school loves her. In short, everything was unrealistic.

I also had an issue when it comes to the characters’ dialogues which sounded awkward. At times it even appeared repetitive. The world-building and the descriptions of actions were also vague and it was difficult for me to imagine what I was reading.

I give this book 2 stars though because of the interesting things that started to appear in the final chapters. The ending, which was a cliffhanger, was also strongly delivered. It gave the readers a glimpse of the exciting things that will happen in the next book.

(Thank you to the author Paige Walker for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)


2 Stars smile

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