Novella Review: To Hold by Alessandra Torre

To Hold (The Dumont Diaries, #2)

To Have
(The Dumont Diaries #2)
Author: Alessandra Torre
Publisher: Alessandra Torre
Published: 2014
Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Erotica
My Rating:

3 Stars


Synopsis new

When Nathan Dumont, heir to Dumont Shipping, steps onto the scene with a new wife, the media sits up and takes notice. But nothing can be found on the new Mrs.Dumont. No family history, private school chums, or expensively hidden skeletons in couture closets. It is as if she has materialized out of thin air, and wearing Chanel.

Life in a fairytale sucks. Even if it does come complete with eight inches of wontleavemealone steel. But when that glorious package is attached to a man that won’t give me a second glance, much less a piece of his heart, what good is a wedding ring and boatloads of cash?

To make matters worse, I am slowly stumbling along and finding red flags. Flags that make me think there is more to this fairytale than meets the eye. In fact, I’m not so sure it’s a fairytale at all. It looks to be much, much worse.

To Hold is a novella, approximately 60 pages, and was book 2 of a 4-part series.

my thoughts new

“I am a boat out on a deep blue ocean. Some days are calm, some days the sun comes out and I bask in it, lazily swaying from side to side in perfect harmony with the waves. But sometimes there is a storm, dark and mighty in its strength, and I list, side to side, the waves tossing me about in a sadistic show of their strength.”

Okay, what just happened? I felt terribly cheated by the sudden twist of event. I really thought there’s no love triangle involved here… but why???


First of all, I was so wrong about Nathan Dumont. In the first novella I swooned over him like a love sick puppy. Now I’m not sure anymore and I don’t know what to do. Nathan is not what I thought he would be. Yes, he was an a-hole in the first novella but you know… I was kinda hoping that Candy will reform him. Too bad… I really believed that he’s the love interest here.

Now there’s Drew. I have no problem with Drew but I can’t bring myself to consider him as the man for Candy. 😦 This novella was kind of a let-down but good thing it was still gripping. The mystery was so good as well as the shocking cliffhanger. I want to dig more. To confirm. I want to find out what Nathan is up to.


3 Stars

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