Review: Locked Box by Eve Dangerfield

Locked Box

Locked Box
Author: Eve Dangerfield
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Published: March 7, 2016
Genre: Romance, Adult, New Adult, Contemporary
My Rating:

3 Stars


Synopsis new

Julia Bennett isn’t having a great day. Funding for her video game is low, her day job is sucking her dry, and to cap it all off she’s locked in a police station with the very handsome, extremely married guy she’s been avoiding at all costs. Max Connor isn’t having a great year. He’s getting divorced, his best friend is squatting in his house, and his inappropriate crush on the IT girl is getting way out of hand. And that was before he locked the two of them in an evidence room. Surrounded by three decades’ worth of drugs, guns, and floppy disks, Max and Julia are forced to confront the heat that lies between them with dangerous, funny, and occasionally toe-curlingly sexy results.

my thoughts new

You got to give it to Eve Dangerfield when it comes to writing the steamiest novel, so steamy that just picking up the book will guarantee to make you blush.

It’s my second time to read a book written by Eve Dangerfield. The first one was Degrees of Control which was yet again, another sex-filled romance erotica that was a pleasure to read. Locked Box is a story that tells about the characters Max Connor and Julia Bennett. These characters had a one-time hook-up years ago when Julia was still 18 and Max was 26. Now after 6 years, they met again and wow, things started to heat up once again when they were both locked in a police station.

This book was well-written. I’ve always loved Eve Dangerfield’s delicious writing. The smut was very well delivered, but I wish there is enough depth in the characters and the overall story. The story wasn’t really that engaging because it was overlapped by lots and lots of sex. I wish there were more dialogues and the platonic side of their relationship was also paid attention to. I also had a problem with Julia. Not to be judgy, I get that she loves sex but I couldn’t get the reason why she seems to be sexually pre-occupied most of the time and whenever Max is around, all she ever thinks about is getting him laid. Max’s feelings to her was very apparent and I knew it’s more than just sex, but Julia? I thought her feelings to Max were more lust than love.

Anyways, this was still an enjoyable read. A certified guilty-pleasure book. If you want to read a light erotic romance with hot and sexy characters to blow your mind, consider diving into this book. 🙂

(Thank you to the author Eve Dangerfield for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!)


3 Stars

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