Review: Sexy Stranger by Kendall Ryan

Sexy Stranger

Sexy Stranger
Author: Kendall Ryan
Publisher: Kendall Ryan
Published: May 23, 2017
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary



From New York Times Bestselling author Kendall Ryan comes a sexy and sizzling, enemies-to-lovers romp with bite.

He’s rude. Arrogant. And too hot to handle.

And she’s stranded with him for an entire week.

He knows the sexy stranger doesn’t belong in his small town, but he’s determined to keep her there. The second she opens her smart mouth, he wants to swap a whole lot more than insults with her. She’s got a secret. But he’s got his own agenda.

Buckle up.

“A steamy and red-hot enemies-to-lovers romance like I’ve never read before!” – Beneath the Covers Book Blog

“It was FREAKING FANTASTIC! Sexy, charming, and full of witty banter, I couldn’t get enough of Luke and Charlotte!” – Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

“Luke was just so damn sexy, I couldn’t resist him.” – Becca, #1 Top Goodreads Reader

“There are no guarantees in life; you know that. You could decide tomorrow that I’m not the one for you too. But guess what? I know that this… what we have? It’s worth the risk.”

Sweet, flirty, sexy… This is one of those books. And I liked it. Even if it’s not the usual book that makes me 100% connected to the story, I thought it’s enough to make me smile and swoon a little bit.

The story revolves around New York city girl Charlotte Freemont and handsome country guy Lucas “Luke” Wilder. Their paths crossed one day when Charlotte’s car broke down and she was stranded in a small town in Texas, the place where Luke lives along with his twin-brother and his sister. They didn’t have a pleasant first meeting though as they spent most of their time bickering. Charlotte finds Luke arrogant while Luke thinks she’s bratty. Because there wasn’t any other mechanic that could fix Charlotte’s car, she was forced to stay in this small town for days. That’s when the time when she spent more time with Luke and got to know him better.

If you are a fan of light NA romance that is not high on angst and with no unnecessary drama, then this would be a good bet for you. The characters have this undeniable chemistry that is noticeable from start to finish and their dialogues are fun to read. Plus, I cannot ignore the fact that Luke is one admirable lead. He’s not a stereotypical hero that we usually read about– manwhore, conceited, possessive… and so on. He’s just Luke. Simple, kind, and admirable man. I didn’t initially warm up to Charlotte, though. In the first few chapters, she was portrayed as a snob and spoiled brat heroine but I was glad that her character developed in the later parts of the book.

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