Review: Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland

Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake
Author: Vi Keeland
Publisher: Vi Keeland
Published: July 17, 2017
Genre: New Adult, Adult, Romance, Contemporary



A sexy new standalone from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Vi Keeland

The first time I met Caine West was in a bar.
He noticed me looking his way and mistakenly read my scowling as checking him out.
When he attempted to talk to me, I set him straight—telling him what I thought of his lying, cheating, egomaniacal ass.
You see, the gorgeous jerk had wined and dined my best friend–smooth talking her into his bed, all along failing to mention that he was married.
He deserved every bit of my tongue-lashing and more for what he’d done.
Especially when that lazy smile graced his perfect face in response to my rant.
Only it turned out, the man I’d just told off wasn’t the right guy.
Oops. My mistake.
Embarrassed, I slunk out without an apology.
I was never going to see the handsome stranger again anyway, right?
That’s what I thought…until I walked into class the next morning.
Well, hello Professor West, I’m your new teaching assistant.
I’ll be working under you…figuratively speaking.
Although the literal interpretation might not be such a bad thing—working under Professor West.
This was going to be interesting…

(I buddyread this book with my lovely bookish friends Bea, Rachmi, and Felita. Click their names to view their lovely reviews/thoughts.)

There’s more to Beautiful Mistake than meets the eye. Although it was light-hearted and there were scenes that made me laugh, it also had an adequate amount of drama that pulled my heart into so many directions. What I loved most about this book, of course, was the substance and Vi Keeland is really famous for that.

The book begins when Rachel Martin randomly met a hot stranger at the bar that she works for, mistaking him for the guy who had an affair with her co-worker and friend Ava. Knowing that the guy deceived her friend and pretended that he’s single, she naturally lashed him out. But it’s too late when Ava confirmed to her that the guy she verbally attacked was actually not the one she’s supposed to approach. Embarrassed, Rachel forced herself to forget her encounter with the stranger and moved on. But on her first day of school at Brooklyn College as a teaching assistant, she saw the hot stranger again and found out that he’s the music Professor Caine West and he’s going to be her thesis advisor.

The great characterization, beautiful writing, and established plot progression made this book a standout. I loved that Rachel and Caine’s first encounter was awkward and hilarious and that the later parts of the book moved in a series of hot and dramatic scenes.

Both characters are imperfect in so many ways and they have scars from their past. These things made me appreciate how real and raw they are. Their romantic development was slow and there was a little push and pull, but I did enjoy every bit of their journey.

There was a plot twist that happened in this book and I must say, it was very well thought out. But I hate to say that it was also predictable because I already foresaw the hidden twist to the mystery and there was no more surprise when it was revealed.

Story and plot wise, Beautiful Mistake is one of Vi Keeland’s best books up to date. I enjoyed a lot of her books and this one is no exception. The chemistry between the characters, the drama, the hot and sizzling romance– they’re enough to overdose you from the swooning!

“You’ve always had my heart, and I don’t ever want it back.”

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