Review: Shacking Up by Helena Hunting

Shacking Up

Shacking Up
Author: Helena Hunting
Publisher: Swerve
Published: May 30, 2017
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary



Ruby Scott is months behind on rent and can’t seem to land a steady job. She has one chance to turn things around with a big audition. But instead of getting her big break, she gets sick as a dog and completely bombs it in the most humiliating fashion. All thanks to a mysterious, gorgeous guy who kissed—and then coughed on—her at a party the night before.

Luckily, her best friend might have found the perfect opportunity; a job staying at the lavish penthouse apartment of hotel magnate Bancroft Mills while he’s out of town, taking care of his exotic pets. But when the newly-evicted Ruby arrives to meet her new employer, it turns out Bane is the same guy who got her sick.

Seeing his role in Ruby’s dilemma, Bane offers her a permanent job as his live-in pet sitter until she can get back on her feet. Filled with hilariously awkward encounters and enough sexual tension to heat a New York City block, Shacking Up, from NYT and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting, is sure to keep you laughing and swooning all night long.

Shacking Up was cute, sexy, light, and hilarious. There was certainly an apparent chemistry between the characters but there were times when I just needed a moment to find a connection with the story.

The story started when Ruby Scott met a hot stranger named Bancroft Mills at her best friend Amalie’s engagement party. He mistook her for someone and accidentally kissed her. Then he coughed at her face. Ruby didn’t know that the kiss would lead her to a series of misfortune the next few days because she ended up with a cough that she got from him. Worse, she was even declined when she auditioned for a role because she couldn’t even give her shot due to her condition. What’s even worst was that she’s already homeless and her dad was pressuring her to go back to their home and work for his business. Just when she wasn’t looking forward to meeting the Bancroft again, Amalie suggested that she should take care of his pet in exchange for a temporary stay at his place while he’s gone for a business trip.

When I first read the blurb, I was really into it. It sounds really funny and crazy. It didn’t disappoint most of the time. However, there’s just something that’s missing here. I needed a stronger connection with the story. At times I was kind of bored with the over-descriptive narratives that were trying to stretch out the story in the hopes of bringing out a slow burn romance. There was also a lot of inner dialogues from Ruby that was getting repetitive and it was kind of annoying.

The thing that I loved about this book though was Bancroft’s perfection and well, the sexy times. I also loved the relationship development between him and Ruby as well as Ruby’s character development. Ruby was tough in her decisions to be independent of her dad and follow the career path of her choice and she really proved that she can make it in the end.

All in all, it was an okay and decent romance read. There was lacking, sure. But I believe fans of rom-coms will enjoy this book. Not Helena Hunting‘s best work so far but I’m looking forward to reading her other works.


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