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Interview with Taylor W. Law, Author of Return to Me

  • Return to Me

Synopsis new

Finding herself means losing everything she knows…

An empty-nested southern woman has her life turned on its head after an encounter with a young student from halfway around the world.

~A novella inspired by true events ~

Jill Edwards is just now learning the true definition of an empty nest. With her only child deployed in Iraq and her husband always gone on business, she finds herself often alone and awfully bored. Worse, it’s getting harder and harder for Jill to relate to the other housewives of Faithville, the little Christian college town she calls home.

Luckily, salvation comes in September.

Every year, Jill gets her only glimpse outside of Faithville when Faithville University welcomes its international students. This year, when one of these students moves in across the street, she’s surprised to find herself unusually drawn to the intriguing, athletic young man from half a world away.

As their unusual friendship develops, Jill discovers parts unknown within her soul – wild desires never before entertained. Awakening her long dormant hunger for life seems to be exactly the thrill she needs, but she soon finds herself on a journey that not only challenges her faith, but life as she knows it.

Return to Me is inspired by true events observed and experienced by the author during a pivotal tenure in rural North Carolina.


Check my review of Return to Me here.

autho interview new new

Hi, Taylor! Welcome to my blog. I have read your debut novel “Return to Me” and I loved it. Can you tell everyone a bit about your book? How did you come up with the title and what was behind the inspiration of the book?

Thank you so much for your kind words. Return to Me is about a married southern woman who fell in love with an international student younger than her own daughter. And it’s also about something that I don’t yet fully understand, which is “love.”

I’m glad you asked a question about the title. We went through dozens of titles. It was probably the toughest part of the “post-production” of the novel. It took me a little more than a month of back and forth to finally settle down on “Return to Me.” If you do a search online, this title has been used millions of times by other writers. As a media person, it isn’t something I would usually like to do. But it was the closest what I needed for the book. Now I believe it gives the book a specific identity.

As for the inspiration… I had always had this story in my mind and I knew I wanted to use it in one of my projects, whether it be television or music. But after sharing the story with my friends over lunch, I was encouraged to write a book about it. And I’m glad I did it.

During my time in rural North Carolina, I was very fortunate to have met some very special people. The town was so simple, peaceful and almost too perfect. I was like, what is this? Is this even real? But as time went by, I began to encounter some of the wildest things I have ever experienced in my life, which then forever changed me.

The people that I met were so interesting. As a writer, they gave me so much depth to play with. I love exploring the different sides of a character – the dark and rebellious sides of a kind person, or the warm and caring sides of a seemingly cold or shy person. It’s fascinating. That’s why I wanted to write something about Jill and Sean. In a way, it allowed me to relive those precious moments.

Man… I miss North Carolina.

Wow. That was such a moving experience. How do you approach writing a novel– especially adult fiction? 

I didn’t really pay too much attention to the fact that I was writing a novel, or which genre I wanted it to be in. I was so immersed in it that I just wanted to tell a good, and more importantly, an honest story. And maybe it was because I wrote in that way that resulted in the type of reader feedback I’ve been getting. It created dialogues I could have never expected. It was very rewarding.

When reading, what type of books interest you the most?
Suspense. But I’m actually more of a non-fiction reader. I spend more of my time reading for research than for leisure. I currently have a few great books, written by my fellow writer friends, which I’m still trying to catch up on. I really wish I had more time.
As the saying goes, ‘So many books, so little time’. I can totally relate with you! What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I work in TV, and I’m also a singer-songwriter.

Whoa! You are a multi-talented person. What is your motto?

Do it already.

Do you have an all-time favorite author? Who and why?

I get bored very easily, and that’s probably why I really don’t have an all-time favorite. I tried to think of one, but I can’t. Even for movie directors, singers, or songwriters, I jump from one to another depending on the seasons and how my mood is. But I definitely love reading content that adds value to my life.

What will be your next project? And what can we look forward?

There are a couple projects brewing in the kitchen. I want to write something that, again, makes my readers feel loved. In some form, the new ideas are kind of intertwined with Return to Me. I just had lunch with my friend a few days ago where we briefly discussed the skeleton. I’m very excited about it. I would encourage readers to visit my website to sign up for my mailing list to find out!

Thank you, Mr. Taylor for letting me interview you.


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about the author new

(Bio taken from Goodreads)

Taylor W. Law works in the television world in New York City. Storytelling has always been a core part of his job, but the notion of writing a book had never really crossed his mind.

His interest in writing was sparked after casually sharing a story with his co-workers in the office cafeteria. He was encouraged to write it down, and since then, hasn’t stopped writing.

Taylor’s first romance novel, Return to Me, is scheduled to launch early October.

When Taylor is not working, he enjoys cooking up a storm in his kitchen or hopping on a train down to North Carolina for some quiet time.

A wise friend once told him: “A good story can heal a wounded past.”

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Interview with J. Kahele, Author of Violet Chain

Violet Chain (Violet Chain #1)

Synopsis new

After catching her fiancé with another woman at their engagement party, Violet Townsend’s world is turned upside down.
Desperate to numb the pain, she falls into the arms of charming, young entrepreneur Chain Alexander.
Chain, a notorious womanizer of Philadelphia, not looking for anything more than a night of pleasure with a woman, is drawn to Violet instantly. There is something about her that he needs and wants so desperately and it’s not just sex.
But Violet is resistant. Can she open her heart again after having it broken so brutally? And more importantly, should she?

This book is intended for mature audiences only!


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autho interview new new

Hi, Ms. J! Welcome to my blog. What drew you into the romance genre?

I fell into it accidently to be honest. I really enjoyed more of historical fiction and thrillers as a young girl.

Who is the author that served as your influence in writing romance books?

The only author I really could say influenced me, but she was not a romance writer, is Mary Shelley. Her interpretation of Frankenstein was the most amazing book I had ever read. The crisp writing, the historical feel. It is my absolute favorite book.

I enjoyed Violet Chain. What’s your favorite scene from this book?

When Chain is sitting in his office, driving himself mad over thinking about Violet and he slams his cell into the wall. I believe that is a scene that shows a lot of Chain’s conflicting emotions.

Do you listen to music when you write?

Of course! I listen to music when I read, write, when I sleep, drive. I need it around me all the time.

What are you currently working on? And what can we readers look forward?

I am currently working on the third book of the Violet Chain series, called Blu. Hidden Truths, the second installment of the Violet Chain Series should be out late in November.

Yay! Can’t wait for that. Thank you so much for your time, Ms. J. Wonderful to have you here!

You can purchase her books at:

J Kahele

about the author new

I am a proud mother of three daughters who are my absolute complete existence. I write to relieve the scattered thoughts that stream through my mind, constantly. My biggest downfall is that I am a huge procrastinator, which makes my life at times hectic!

Author link:

Twitter –  J Kahele @JanelleKahele

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Interview with A. Palasciano, Author of Mascara


Synopsis new

Meet MASCARA – which stands for Mara, Asher, Sue, Carmen, Amanda, Rachel and Adrianna, respectively. They are prep school Saint Lawrence Academy’s elitist clique of girls who have everything. Literally, everything.
Members of MASCARA have their own app (built by Asher’s tech magnate father who built Sutherland Enterprises from the ground up). They each hold a chair position like Social Media Chair, Fashion Chair, Community Chair, or Beauty Chair to keep them abreast at monthly meetings of what’s trending before it’s even trending. Translation? They know all of the best clothes, accessories, products, apps and events before they’re even out. They wear their signature cobalt blue mascara on a daily basis. They are the girls everyone at school wants to wake up and switch lives with.
Each year, MASCARA gives bids to incoming freshman to pledge for the upcoming vacancies left by graduating seniors. Girls know they’ve been picked if the cobalt blue mascara is taped to their locker. However, only girls blessed to have a first name starting with the letters in “MASCARA” are even given the chance. Pledging this clique is far from simple, rule-laden, and has seen a whole lot of awry-going – like using fake online dating profiles to flirt with the gym teacher or putting the school up for sale to the highest bidder.
This year, Jorie Carr, (attention-defecit, dreamer extraordinaire) who changed her name after a second grade bully couldn’t get enough of “Marjorie Carjorie,” and her best friend Abby Port enrolled in Saint Lawrence against all things logical and public school. Marjorie a.k.a. Jorie gets a bid (the cobalt blue mascara taped to her locker) and Abby doesn’t despite the fact that Abby was the one who told Jorie about it all in the first place. Life sure isn’t fair in high school and it gets a whole lot more unfair as pledging unravels.
Luckily, there are a few incentives to keep Jorie going. Namely, junior Derek Mackey. Oh, and the overwhelming desire to have hair like Asher Sutherland.
Explore Jorie’s quirky look at pledging a high school sorority through the eyes of a self-conscious freshman who just so happens to have had the good fortune to become accepted by the most popular seniors. It’ll leave you crushing on cobalt blue for always. #allblueeverything


Check my review of Mascara here.

autho interview new new

I’ve read Mascara last month and I really had fun. What inspired you to write this book?

The book was inspired by all real life events, varying from grade school to high school to college and living in Los Angeles after college. I mixed a lot of people into characters and a lot of actual happenings. In my high school there was a small sorority of sorts called the BBRATS. There was no pledging, but it was an acronym for the girls’ names. I was also in a sorority in college called Sigma Delta Phi. And I had my fair share of friend deception throughout the way.

How many drafts did you go through before reaching the final draft?

I’m not sure but my best guess would be ten.

Read any great books lately?

I just read the Age of Miracles – which is a little older but a great book. Currently I am reading about 15 books at the same time which is something I am notorious for.

What can you tell us about the person behind Mascara? Who is the real A. Palasciano?

Ooh I can’t reveal that! I can tell you that I am in my early thirties and have lived the life of a hundred life times between NYC and LA.

In those moments when you feel stuck in your writing, what are things you usually do in order to push yourself back on track?

I just promise myself to write something everyday. It’s a well known trick. Even if it’s a paragraph, it helps you stay on track.

What will be the title of the next book of Mascara? And what can we expect from it?

It’s simply titled Book 2 and you can expect a lot of twists and turns! The digital is out and the print will be out in 4 weeks. 🙂

Thank you for dropping by the blog, Amanda! It’s nice to have you here. 🙂

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Interview with Michelle Johnson, Author of Oleah Chronicles

Oleah Chronicles: Truth

Synopsis new

What would you do if everything you thought to be true in your life was a lie?

Sixteen-year-old Angel Seriki must face overwhelming truths about her family when she meets Zander Black, a new student to her high school who is smart, charming and devastatingly beautiful. The revelations he uncovers to her about her family’s past changes everything, and as her relationship and feelings for Zander deepen, so do the risks involved. She must now accept her fate and face the true reality of who and what she is. Even if that means giving up everything, including being human.


Check my review of Oleah Chronicles: Truth here.

autho interview new new

Hi, Michelle! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking time to do this interview with me. What inspired you to write? 

Thank you so much for allowing me to do this! Your support is greatly appreciated and definitely valued! I suppose I’ve always written from since I can remember. I used to constantly write stories as a kid that I still have to this day about vampires, werewolves and all types of craziness HAHAHA! I’ve also always kept a diary throughout the years so writing is something that has always been a part of me. I can’t say anything in particular inspired me per se, when I began writing Oleah Chronicles: Truth, I had no intention to share it with anyone. I just started writing the crazy thoughts that were in my head one day, and before I knew it I had written three chapters. From there it kinda took on a life of its own.

Can you tell us something interesting about your book Oleah Chronicles that everyone should expect before reading it?

I would say to expect to be taken a journey through the eyes of a shy teen who’s life gets derailed from secrets that resurface from a past she never knew was her own. The story has many elements of fantasy in it along with creatures you’ve never heard of before.

What was the most difficult part of writing Oleah Chronicles? 

Honestly, the most difficult part of the story was describing the Oleahs. In my head it’s so clear, but when applying it to paper I became frustrated one too many times because it didn’t sound right. I’m still not a hundred percent satisfied with the end result of my descriptions, which is why I decided that a visual was definitely needed on the front cover. Some things you just have to see, you know? I also put up a section on my website called “What is an Oleah” for anyone else that needed to see what it is I was trying to describe.

Apart from writing, what are your other interests in life?

I love to draw! Once upon a time I wanted to have my own comic book, but about ten or twelve years ago, my computer crashed and I lost all my files. After that, I was never inspired enough to start over. I do however, keep a sketch book that I like to draw in occasionally.

Aw… That is so sad. I hope you can get back to doing your hobby again. Do you have a technological device that you find hard to live without?

My phone! HAHAHA! I rely so much on my phone it’s scary! Its always on me and I am always on it checking my Instagram, emails, Goodreads, everything! So bad, but true!

Story of my life. Haha! When will the next book of the series be released? And what can we look forward?

The next book will be called Oleah Chronicles: Justice, and the goal is to get it out early next year. It’s much darker than the first book and will definitely take readers on an emotional ride that will be jam packed with action. When readers meet Angel in Truth, she’s just an insecure, naive and scared kid. In Justice, she has to face her fear and confront her own weaknesses which will transform her into who she’s meant to be.

Wow. Now I’m more excited for Angel’s character development! Now for some fun facts:
Favorite food? My background is Jamaican, so I love west indian food. But as of late, I’ve become really obsessed with Mediterranean food. Shwarma has become my weakness. 🙂
Ultimate book boyfriend? Ugh!! It’s soooo hard to choose! I have three of them, Edward from Twilight, Bones from The Night Huntress Series and Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series. Now, if I could merge them all together to have Edward’s sensitivity, Bone’s personality and possessiveness with Gideon’s looks, that would be the ULTIMATE BOOK BOYFRIEND!! Gah!!!
Favorite TV show? For the longest time it was Spartacus and True Blood, but now it’s all about Scandal! Team Fitz!
Dream destination? Rome, Italy! I went there when I was sixteen and fell in love with it.
Thanks again for dropping by the blog, Ms. Michelle! It is such a pleasure!

You can purchase Oleah Chronicles: Truth in:

Michelle Johnson

about the author new

(Bio taken from Goodreads)

Throughout my childhood I was always told I had a very creative imagination. I was drawn to stories of mythical creatures and all things that would usually give my peers the heebie geebies. Shows like Tales from the Crypt Keeper and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were among some of my favourites.

I developed a strong passion for design and illustration, drawing the ideas that arose in my head and finding great excitement in bringing them to life. This led me to pursue a career in graphic design and marketing so that I could always use my creativity to the fullest.

I have always loved reading and the way a compelling story would allow my mind to absorb its detailed imagery. I began to use writing as a tool to bring my creative thoughts to fruition one day, which has brought me to this moment.

I’m a romantic at heart and a sucker for stories about true love which is reflected in my writing and helped bring the Oleah Chronicles to life. I hope you enjoy my first book and through it you experience the eccentric vision that began in my mind so long ago.

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Review: First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky

First Comes Love (First Comes Love, #1)

First Comes Love
(First Comes Love #1)
Author: Katie Kacvinsky
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Publication: May 7, 2013
Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary, New Adult
My Rating:

two stars


“The perfect love story to kick-start your summer reading.”–

Like his name, Gray is dark and stormy. Dylan, a girl who is seemingly unable to settle down, is the exact opposite: full of light and life. On the outside, they seem like an unlikely couple. But looks can be deceiving, and besides, opposites attract. What starts as friendship turns into admiration, respect, and caring, until finally these two lone souls find that they are truly in love with each other. But staying in love is never as easy as falling in love. If Dylan and Gray want their love to last, they’re going to have to work at it . . .

my thoughts

“When your world’s become one person, how do you prepare to let her go? How do you get over someone you know you’ll never forget?”

Before I started this book, I was really excited because everyone seems to like it, most especially my friends on Goodreads. Seeing the synopsis and the sweet reviews, I told myself that this book must be really good because it definitely sounds right up my alley. Unfortunately after reading it, I realized that it’s completely different than what I was expecting, and sad to say… the book was not for me.

I love the fact that the author was able to come up with such a sweet and innocent romantic concept in this book. Katie Kacvinsky was able to hit such notes that entail an emotionally-driven love story. The concept was fairly well done and the writing style was also beautiful.

I think my main problem with the book was the characters. I was having a hard time liking them. Gray was a grumpy and a bit of a snobby guy at first– which did not make a great impression. For me, first impressions last and well, it definitely applied to me when his character was introduced. Dylan, on the other hand, fell a little over-the-top. I can’t seem to find her interesting at all despite the descriptions the author put into her. She was high-spirited, animated, and bubbly but for some reasons, I could not genuinely like her and get invested with her. I also think she was weird in a worrying way. Who in their actual mind will give names to everything? Like her car, plants, and even her freckles?

She tells me she names everything. Even her freckles. She turns her arm over and introduces me to two freckles close to each other on her forearm, Blake and Stacey. She claims they got in a fight with a third freckle, Meredith, farther up her arm near her elbow. I don’t encourage the conversation any further.

Well, I also won’t encourage myself to entertain these thoughts any further as well. Lol.

I also think the book was too descriptive. It lacked some movement. Also, there were some parts that are quiteunrealistic, like how they started going out together even if they’ve just met like, few hours ago? And also how their conversation went deep in an emotional level after few minutes of talking during their first date.

Anyway, this book really has lots of potentials to make me feel drawn. I like the ending. I think it was sweet. But like I said, it was just not for me. As thoughtful as the story appeared to be, it just didn’t get me.

Raing: 2 Stars

This book was recommended to me by my sweet gorgeous friend AJ. Thank you, AJ! 🙂 Check out her beautiful REVIEW on this book, guys!

Buy this book at


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