Review: Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

Broken Juliet (Starcrossed, #2)

Broken Juliet
(Starcrossed #2)
Author: Leisa Rayven
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Published: April 28, 2015
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Drama
My Rating:

five stars


How do you fix a love that’s been broken beyond repair?

For years, Cassie Taylor tried to forget about Ethan Holt. He was the one great love of her life, and when he failed to return her love, a part of her died forever. Or so she thought. Now she and Ethan are sharing a Broadway stage, and he’s determined to win her back. Claiming to be a changed man, he’s finally able to say all the things she needed to hear years ago, but can she believe him? What makes this time different from all his other broken promises?

Ethan knows he can’t change their tumultuous past, but if he’s going to have any chance of being with the woman he loves, he’ll need to convince Cassie that her future belongs with him.

Don’t miss this stunning conclusion to the unforgettable love story that captivated over two million fans online.

my thoughts

Broken Juliet

“Despite all the things I would have changed about our journey, I’d never want a different destination. It’s always been you.”

My love for this book cannot be described in words! Broken Juliet is an excellent continuation of Bad Romeo and a perfect conclusion for Ethan and Cassie’s love story.

After their devastating relationship mistakes in the past, Cassie makes the greatest decision of a lifetime– to either accept Ethan back or deny their chance of forever.

I just can’t get enough of this book! It’s perfect and it’s one unforgettable, breathtaking story. The kind where you just can’t help but laugh, cry, swoon, and fall in love. This book transformed me into such a complete emotional mess!

Leisa Rayven’s writing style is utterly beautiful and intricate. The way she sent her readers back in the characters’ past through flashback perfectly worked well with me. I also love the way she fleshed out Ethan and Cassie’s character, making them more likable. And my oh my, the chemistry Ethan and Cassie shared in this book was truly undeniable!

This book also made me understand Cassie’s heartaches and Ethan’s inner turmoil which were the reasons why the story become even more beautiful. In this book, forgiveness and second chances were greatly defined– things that made their push-and-pull relationship crucial.

I found myself really enjoying this book as a whole, because why not? Broken Juliet is not only an emotionally-driven love story. It’s also mixed with humor and sexiness that made it an absolute page-turner!

This series is now one of my favorite NAs. It totally deserves all the ratings it gets. I can’t wait to read more of this author’s books in the future!

Rating: 5 Stars


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