Review: The Goal by Elle Kennedy

The Goal (Off-Campus, #4)

The Goal
(Off-Campus #4)
Author: Elle Kennedy
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: September 26, 2016
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
My Rating:

three point five


Synopsis new

She’s good at achieving her goals…

College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out: graduate from college, kick butt in law school, and land a high-paying job at a cutthroat firm. Her path to escaping her shameful past certainly doesn’t include a gorgeous hockey player who believes in love at first sight. One night of sizzling heat and surprising tenderness is all she’s willing to give John Tucker, but sometimes, one night is all it takes for your entire life to change.

But the game just got a whole lot more complicated

Tucker believes being a team player is as important as being the star. On the ice, he’s fine staying out of the spotlight, but when it comes to becoming a daddy at the age of twenty-two, he refuses to be a bench warmer. It doesn’t hurt that the soon-to-be mother of his child is beautiful, whip-smart, and keeps him on his toes. The problem is, Sabrina’s heart is locked up tight, and the fiery brunette is too stubborn to accept his help. If he wants a life with the woman of his dreams, he’ll have to convince her that some goals can only be made with an assist.

my thoughts new

Can I take John Tucker home?

I loved The Goal. Elle Kennedy has always been very good at this genre and once again she managed to delight me with her writing style. The book started off so good that I was like:



But when I hit 70% Sabrina the heroine did finally get on my nerves. She’s honestly the main reason why this book didn’t make it to my 4-5 Stars list. I always have a big issue with characters that annoy me, most especially heroines who can’t seem to make up their minds and have the tendency to hurt the people who love them so much. Sabrina falls into this category.

We’ve known Sabrina in the previous books as Dean’s bitchy enemy. In this book she’s now the love interest of John Tucker a.k.a. Tucker, a Briar hockey star who lives with Garrett, Logan, and Dean. Sabrina and Tucker both have this opposing personalities. Tucker is a soft-hearted good boy with a Southern charm that could drop every girl’s panties. One who grew up as a mama’s boy, he also has this domestic side in him. Yes, ladies. He cleans the house and cooks delicious foods and does them without any complain. Now Sabrina. This female lead is an independent, strong-willed, hard-working law student who takes two jobs at a time while striving to achieve her dream of becoming a Harvard alumni. She basically grew up without parents and she lives together with her grandma and her perverted stepdad who makes me cringe every time.

Now when Sabrina and Tucker collided, I saw an immediate chemistry developing. I thought they might make an interesting couple. Even though I knew Sabrina is going to be a pain in the ass because of the attitude that she displayed since the previous books, I HAD HIGH HOPES that this girl can be redeemable. Did not happen. Well, at least not until the very last chapter. Which was so frustrating!

So while The Goal had a lot of good things that happened (like Tucker’s interactions with his fellow Hockey stars, his sexy times with Sabrina, his baby, his road towards a different “goal”), the book was not at all perfect. Things became quite off in the 3/4 part of the book and I blame it on Sabrina who turns out to be a very insensitive person.

I guess what’s really lacking here was the effective communication between our two characters. I kind of wished that things were a bit different and that the affection was not one-sided and Sabrina was honest enough to admit her feelings (if there was any) to Tucker.

Nevertheless, I still ended up enjoying this book because… TUCKER. He’s the best thing here. Compared to some of the male leads, Tucker proves that not every male character with abs and muscles is a manwhore. Give me a John Tucker character anytime and I’ll be satisfied for the rest of my life.

Through Sabrina and Tucker’s story, Elle Kennedy gave the readers a glimpse of the real world. It’s as if the book is saying, ‘Hey, this is not just about sex and hook-ups. It’s also about the result and consequences of sex and hook-ups.’ Which happens in reality.

The series, as a whole, ended up so good. I loved that all the characters have their piece of happy endings and I loved that each of them learned a lot of lessons most especially from painful experiences. They all developed into a person who has a drive to move on and trek a different road towards maturity. Best of all, their friendship remained strong until the very end. Whoa, what a journey! This series is literally New Adult at its finest! Thank you, Elle Kennedy. 🙂

(P.S. Elle Kennedy just announced on Twitter and Facebook that THERE WILL BE AN OFF-CAMPUS SPIN-OFF which would star our boy Fitzy!)


three point five

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