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Review: Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward

Playboy Pilot

Playboy Pilot
Authors: Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland
Publisher: Everafter Romance
Published: September 19, 2016
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary


Synopsis new

From the New York Times bestselling authors of Stuck-Up Suit and Cocky Bastard, comes a sexy new standalone novel.

Money or love? Which would you choose?

You probably just answered the question in your head thinking it’s an easy decision.

For me, it’s not. Did I mention it’s a lot of money? A hell of a lot.

I needed to go far away to think it through.

As I embarked on an impulsive trip, I hit a detour when I met sexy Carter in the airport lounge. We struck up a heated conversation.

Then, he left.

I thought I’d never see him again.

But fate had other plans.

Surprise! He was the pilot of my flight.

The bigger surprise was the adventure that followed after the plane landed.

Carter was dangerous and always on the move.

Even though our connection was magnetic, I knew it was only temporary.

He would give me tickets, and I would follow him around the world to exotic places.

A bevy of flight attendant exes and rumors about Carter’s reputation were never far behind.

I didn’t know what to believe.

But I was addicted. Nothing else mattered anymore. And I was going to get hurt. Because a part of me wanted to be the one to finally ground the playboy pilot.

At the very least, he was taking me on a thrilling ride.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

my thoughts new

“Come fly with me, beautiful.”

And this, my friend, is the reason why I love New Adult. I couldn’t believe I didn’t read this book sooner. It was one of the best books written by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland.

I actually think a book hangover will come after this.


Playboy Pilot begins when Kendall Sparks ran away from her home for a while to do some soul searching. She didn’t know where she was going but she planned to go to other countries to look for some answers. At the airport, she met a hot, gorgeous stranger named Carter Clynes whom she immediately had a connection with after a few minutes of chatting. When Carter knew that she has no idea where she will be heading, he invited her to go with him to Brazil, but she didn’t say yes because she was still confused. It was when Carter left that she decided that she might actually want to go to Brazil, so she ended up buying a ticket to Rio de Janeiro. At the plane, she was shocked to find out that the pilot who’s flying the one that she’s riding is none other than Carter! When they landed in Rio de Janeiro, they saw each other again and the rest is up to you guys to read and find out. lol

This book took me by surprise. It has pretty much all the elements that I want in a New Adult book. It definitely has the angst, amazing romance, good plot, emotional depth, and a surprising twist. The writing was also stunning which didn’t surprise me at all since both authors are really good at this.

“Sometimes the things we hold onto the tightest are the things we most need to set free.”

I also loved the character development of Carter and Kendall. Both are strong, passionate, and willing to redeem themselves. Carter is also the type of male lead that for me, is perfect despite being a womanizer in the past. The way he treated Kendall was so sweet. I actually thought he would be a jerk here but I was amazed to find out that he’s a man with such good traits. Honestly, how can you resist a guy who has a heart for elderly people? Ughhhh.

“We’re both fucked up. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe we see a little of ourselves in each other. We’re two wrongs that somehow make a right. Inseparable we’re miserable, but together… we somehow work.”

One of the best things that I also loved about this book was the roadtrip romance concept which was really done perfectly. I was in awe of the beautiful places that the characters explored and experienced.

Can I just say that this book is perfect? Carter and Kendall’s story had me swimming in my emotions. It’s difficult to move on since the story is still lingering on my mind right now. SEND HELP! I can’t recommend this book enough. Just. The best!


5 stars new

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Review: Jake Undone by Penelope Ward

Jake Undone (Jake, #1)

Jake Undone
(Jake #1)
Author: Penelope Ward
Publisher: Penelope Ward
Published: October 21, 2013
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
My Rating:



Synopsis new

Nina Kennedy was alive…but not living…until she met him.

Planes, trains, heights…you name it, Nina was afraid of it and led a sheltered life ruled by irrational fears and phobias. When she moves to Brooklyn for nursing school, that life is turned upside down, as she develops an intense but unwanted attraction to her gorgeous roommate, who’s pierced, tattooed and just happens to be the smartest person she’s ever met.

Behind Jake Green’s rough exterior and devilish smile, lies a heart of gold. He makes it his mission to change Nina’s outlook on life. When he agrees to tutor her, they forge a bet and the stakes are high as Jake forces Nina to face her demons. He just wasn’t expecting to fall hard for her in the process.

What Nina doesn’t realize, is that Jake has been living his own private hell. Once he drops a bombshell, will their love survive it?

Told in two parts from both Nina and Jake’s points of view, Jake Undone is a standalone story and a companion to the novel, Gemini.

my thoughts new

“We were two fractured souls that fit together like the last two missing pieces in a “fucked up life” puzzle. When we were together, life finally made sense; it wasn’t all work, obligation, guilt and fear. It was just amazing to be alive. She needed me to help her, but she didn’t realize I needed her so much more.”

Jake Undone was the second novel that I’ve read from Penelope Ward and I have to say that it’s much better than the first book (a different novel) that I’ve read which was RoomHate. There was so much emotional depth here so I can say that giving her work another try was worth it.

The story started off when Nina Kennedy moved to New York to study nursing. In her apartment, she met the hot, tatted, and pierced engineer named Jake Green who’s to become her roommate along with her childhood friend Ryan and his girlfriend Tarah. Jake was the kind of man who could easily attract women because of his notorious looks, his sense of humor, and of course, his wit and smartness– which were the reasons why Nina was hooked. But Jake was one who hides secrets, goes to Boston every weekend without letting everyone know the reason. Soon Nina and Jake’s friendship blossomed into love and no matter how hard Jake was trying to resist her, he fell for her. Things got complicated when his secrets were unveiled and their relationship was jeopardized.

I enjoyed almost everything in this book. And I meant, from 1-80%. It managed to swoon me and make me giggle and cry. But I have to be honest. The scenes from 81% onwards went somewhat downhill. It felt like the plot drastically changed in an opposing way because of how the main characters (Jake especially) acted and how they basically ruined their relationship because of their reckless acts and stupid decisions. Also there were too many twists which were kind of overdone.

But as I’ve said, I enjoyed almost everything in it. I felt connected to the characters and the story and I totally loved the romance and how the characters interacted. Also, their lines were romantic albeit sometimes cheesy. I also loved it when Jake purposely wrote poems for Nina. You see, he’s one adorable sexy geek. PLUS POINTS to that! Plus, the first twist was a total winner! I didn’t see it coming at all.

“You can choose right here and now to stay in the present and let go of the fear or you can choose to engage it.”

I loved that the story also tackled difficult issues and mental health topics, giving us readers some semblance of reality. As a whole, it was an emotional, sexy New Adult romance read and despite some imperfections, I did not regret that I dived into it. 🙂

“Love has no conscience. It doesn’t know right or wrong. It’s a feeling you can’t shake that penetrates your soul, and it cannot be broken.”



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